Elevating the Standard

A Potential Update for the 1986 Mandate of a Center High Mounted Stop Lamp

Taking a look at rear-end collisions and how Sure Stop Technology™ is empowering drivers today to brake defensively.

What the research says about modulating brake lights

"90% of all rear end collisions are avoidable if the trailing driver had one more second of warning."
-NHTSA 2010
"Texting While Driving increase crashes by 23 fold."
-Virginia Tech Transportation Institution 2009
"50% of drivers between the ages of 18-24 say they have texted while driving."
-AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 2009
"A pulsing brake light increases reaction time by 14.5ft at 50mph and 20ft at 65mph"
-Daimler Benz Safety Study 2005
The human eye recognizes dynamic flashing more quickly than it recognizes static solid light (AMAHURT Study 2010)
-AMAHURT Study 2010

Why Everyone Needs Sure Stop Technology™


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