Sure Stop Technology™

Rear End Collision Countermeasure System

What We Offer Dealerships

What can we do to increase dealership profits? Sure Stop Technology™, offered by Genesis Safety Systems, has a dealership program to increase profits in parts, service, sales, and F&I. Sure Stop's digital microcomputer controls the third brake light on passenger vehicles and is proven to prevent 90% of rear-end collisions. Sure Stop Technology™ is the only product available that continues to protect vehicles from rear-end collisions even after they are stopped. The product, comes with a lifetime warranty, is
manufactured here in the U.S.A, and sells itself on safety. Distracted
driving and rear-end collisions are on the rise; due to Smartphone use by drivers. Your customers understand the problem and the need. A simple demonstration during the sales process will show "Sure Stop Technology™" as the solution.

The Genesis marketing program enhances dealership profitability. It can be purchased by parts, service can flag install time, and then the product is demonstrated by the sales department. The penetration rate can exceed 98% when the sales team is compensated for retail sales. Genesis provides a warranty product for both new and used vehicles. Sold by F&I  for product validation and more profitability the penetration rate should be a minimum of 70%. The program also increases CSI. When your customer makes a panic stop and the trailing drivers backs off reacting to the third brake light as it modulates, your customers will recognize its value. The result is an increase in CSI and referrals. Sure Stop Technology™ is not
available through the Internet, parts stores, or on any website. Our
marketing program is designed specifically for dealerships to install the product; rather than sell it over the counter. This ensures pricing integrity and requires customers to obtain Sure Stop Technology™ through participating dealers. We've designed the "Sure Stop" dealership program as a pre-load. We also offer an F&I program with or without pre-load. This product is inexpensive, easy to install, and will maximize your return on investment. Sure Stop Technology™ offers a true long term safety benefit for all your customers.

No other product on the market, offers collision protection after you stop. Over 90% of all rear end collisions occur after a vehicle has stopped. "Sure Stop Technology™" is the only product that will digitally pump your brakes during slowing and even after you stop. Stand on safety with Genesis Sure Stop Technology™.

Custom Made in America by AMI

Founded in 1989, and 100 percent employee-owned, AMI provides a wide range of electronics manufacturing and support services to original equipment manufacturers across a diverse range of high-tech industries throughout the Northeastern U.S. and Canada.

All Circuits are digitally programmed, water proof, shock proof and IP67 Certified and proudly manufactured in Winthrop Maine USA

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